Controlled Thermal Processing Inc.


Controlled Thermal Processing, Inc. has been very active in research and development in the cryogenic processing field. We've participated in many tests that were conducted by independent laboratories, national laboratories and universities.  Our goal is to provide our customers with top quality Cryogenic Processes that assure their success no matter what the Application.  Like heat treat, Cryogenic-Processing needs to be carefully implemented for the results to be as spectacular as they can be. Air Liquide chose CTP to establish a technical and commercial partnership in all their markets.  Our multiple Locations allow us to cover the USA from coast to coast.


We have seen OUR cryogenic process work on many applications over the past thirty years.  The question we often ask our customers is whether they can afford not to use our process.  Many manufacturers charge double to triple the cost of the “standard” product when they can increase the usable life by as little as 30%.  Our cryogenic processing increases performances that are much more dramatic i.e. 900% increase on Resistance welding electrodes, 600%-900% on carbide dies, 500% on Grey Iron rotors, 400% on Hobbs,  400% plastic injection molds and yet the cost of OUR process, in many cases, is only a fraction more, when compared to the yield.


CAN you afford NOT to try it?


What we do:


•  Cryogenic treatment on a job shop basis


• Metallurgical consulting to improve product performance and efficiency


•  Partnering with customers to produce and market superior products


•  Micro Polishing of gear components


•  Liquid Helium processing at temperatures down to -450ºF


Who we are:


Racecar driver Jim Birks established Controlled Thermal Processing in 1980.

Jim started the company after he accidentally Cryo treated a racecar engine. Jim was amazed at the longevity of the engine and talked it over with an eminent metallurgist. He studied the research available at the time, and decided to do some experimenting on his own.  Enter Rick Diekman: Rick is an engineer and has worked in the field of wear resistance for about 30 years. His work included projects for Ford, General Motors, American Motors and their suppliers. Results included a ten fold life increase in suspension springs for Ford, increases in die life for GM plus solving wear problems in GM's automatic transmissions.  He also treated dies for the American Motors Alliance that resulted in the company being able to keep the manufacturing of the car in the US, and others.

His introduction to Cryogenic Processing occurred while working for Fel-Pro, the automotive gasket manufacturer. His assignment was to make the company's tooling last longer. After a computer search to find out about cryogenics he gave it a try. This trial resulted in an introduction to Jim Birks. Jim treated a die with excellent results. Altogether, including changes in die sharpening and manufacturing, Cryogenic Processing, and changes in maintenance procedures, Rick was able to show Fel-Pro an 8 times increase in the life of their tooling.

Successes with Cryogenics at Fel-Pro lead the way for Rick to obtain a large stake in Controlled Thermal Processing, Inc. Since then he was instrumental in the forming of the ASM Cryogenic Processing Sub Committee. He has lectured on cryogenics and has taught the ASM course on cryogenic processing.  He works closely with the Cryogenic Society of America.


Cryogenic Processing, Cryogenic Treatment,  C̶r̶y̶o̶g̶e̶n̶i̶c̶ ̶T̶e̶m̶p̶e̶r̶i̶n̶g̶

Cryogenic processing or cryogenic treatment (or cryogenic tempering as it is sometimes incorrectly called) is a fascinating and truly spectacular means to increase wear resistance & life on all metals and some plastics.


Cryogenic processing can be the factor that makes a product dominant in its field, which insures the victory of a racing vehicle, which cuts the production costs to increase profits.  It may be the deciding factor in selecting the winner in racing, in production, in product design.


Our Cryogenic Processes has been verified by research done by the US Army, Illinois Institute of Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratory and others.  We continue to aid researchers by working with corporate, government (Laurence Livermore Labs) researchers and universities.  We find that research into cryogenic treatment advances our ability to achieve our excellent results.


We invite you to spend some time with us on this website and get a glimpse of what can be accomplished through the use of cold to enhance wear resistance, durability, and profits.  See why companies come to us to improve product design and processing economy.  Why racers come to us to give them the edge to win and win consistently.   See why the US Postal Service has found that OUR cryogenically treated brakes last over five times as long as untreated Brakes.