Cryogenic Processing, Cryogenic Treatment, Cryogenic Tempering

Cryogenic processing or cryogenic treatment (or cryogenic tempering as it is sometimes incorrectly called) is a fascinating and truly spectacular means to increase wear resistance & life on all metals and some plastics. 

Cryogenic processing can be the factor that makes a product dominant in its field, that insures the victory of a racing vehicle, that cuts the production costs to increase profits.  It may be the deciding factor in selecting the winner in racing, in production, in product design.

Our process has been verified by research done by the US Army, Illinois Institute of Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratory and others.  We continue to aid researchers by working with corporate researchers and universities.  We find that research into cryogenic treatment advances our ability to achieve our excellent results.   

We invite you spend some time with us at this website and get a glimpse of what can be accomplished through the use of cold to enhance wear resistance, durability, and profits.  See why companies come to us to improve product design and processing economy, why racers come to us to give them the edge to win and win consistently.   See why the US Postal Service has found that cryogenically treated brakes last over five times as long as untreated brakes.
See why Jay Leno wanted to learn more about this fascinating process. 

We now offer micro finishing for gears and other parts.  Micro fininshing reduces friction by polishing the surface. (More Information)

-450oF Processing

Really deep cryogenic processing for when you need the absolute ultimate!

Cryogenic Tempering, Cryo Tempering, Cryo

The term "Cryogenic Tempering" is a term that has caught the imagination of a lot of people and has come into common usage. The problem is that cryogenic tempering is a meaningless term. Tempering is defined in ASM's Metal Handbook as "..reheating hardened steel or hardened cast iron to some temperature below the eutectoid temperature for the purpose of decreasing hardness and increasing toughness."

Cryogenic Processing or Cryogenic Treatment are the terms preferred by the metallurgical community and by ASM and by the Cryogenic Society of America instead of cryogenic tempering. The term cryogenic tempering is imprecise and misleading. On the other hand, you can call it cryogenic tempering if you wish, because we will be delighted to work with you no matter what you prefer to call it. Cryogenic tempering or cryogenic processing or cryogenic treatment will help you reduce wear and increase life and performance.

Other names people use are cryo, cryo treat, cryo treatment, cryogenic stress relief, cryo stress relief, cryogenic hardening (another false term as the process does not harden metal).  "Cryo" is a pretty catchy term, and cryo is used in the industry when talking informally.  You will see the word cryo on our website.

Many companies are also claiming that they do Deep Cryogenic Tempering at -300oF. We've started going down to liquid helium temperatures (-450oF) on some pieces, lending new meaning to the phrase Deep Cryogenic Tempering Processing.


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