From 5000 Miles to 80,000 Miles in Police Service

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The Facts

This rotor was brought to our booth at the 2011 Copswest trade show by the officer* whose car it had been installed on.  This officer’s duties involved his coverage of a large territory and his immediate presence at incident sites.  This made it necessary for him to travel long distances at high speeds.  Agency maintenance records indicate that his normal interval between brake changes was 3,500 to 5000.

This particular officer's driving skills are highly respected by his superiors and maintenance personnel.  He was skeptical of our products at first due to his previous experience with "super" brakes in the past.  The picture shows the brake rotor as it was removed from his car after 80,000 miles of use.


The rotor was machined twice.  There was some minor cracking at the holes and some superficial cracking at the surface.