About Us

A Leader in Deep Cryogenic Treatment

Controlled Thermal Processing, Inc. is a leader in cryogenic processing and cryogenic treatment of metals. From their four locations across the United States, CTP uses state-of-the-art cryogenic equipment to help businesses and consumers alike improve the quality and increase the lifespan of everything from brake rotors and boat propellers to mechanical gears and musical instruments.

With over 35 years of experience in the field of cryogenic processing (sometimes improperly referred to as “cryogenic tempering”), we have dedicated our business to utilizing the most advanced research and technology in cryogenics to provide our customers with consistent results and remarkable improvements in their metal components.

Under the leadership of founder Rick Diekman, CTP has led the way in the cryogenic processing field and continues to conduct the extensive research and development necessary to advance the technology. CTP is proud to participate in tests conducted by independent laboratories, national laboratories, and universities in support of our mission to provide our customers with the highest-quality cryogenic processes, no matter what the application.

What We Do

We offer a variety services related to cryogenic processing and treatment, including:

  • Thermal Processing Of Metal Parts For Industrial, Transportation, Marine, And Electronic Audio Applications

  • Cryogenic Treatment Equipment Sales

  • Partnering With Customers To Create And Market Superior Products

  • Metallurgical Advising To Help Customers Improve Equipment Performance

  • Cryogenic Processing With Liquid Helium At -450ºF

A History of Innovation

Controlled Thermal Processing was founded in 1980 by race car driver Jim Birks after he accidentally cryo-treated his engine and discovered that the process had improved the engine’s performance and lifespan. After consulting with an eminent metallurgist, Jim studied the research available at the time and decided to do some further experimenting on his own.

 At the same time, Rick Diekman, an engineer whose work included projects for Ford, General Motors, American Motors and their suppliers, was working in the field of wear-resistance. His research had resulted in a ten-fold life increase in suspension springs for Ford, increases in die life for GM while solving wear problems in their automatic transmissions, and treating dies for the American Motors Alliance.

While working for Fel-Pro, the automotive gasket manufacturer, Rick was assigned with the task of making the company’s tooling last longer. That’s where he was introduced to cryogenic processing and Jim Birks. Jim treated a die with excellent results, which enabled Rick to show Fel-Pro an 800% increase in the lifespan of their tooling.

Successes with cryogenics at Fel-Pro lead the way for Rick to obtain a large stake in Controlled Thermal Processing, Inc. Since then, he’s been a driving force in forming the ASM Cryogenic Processing Sub-Committee and has become a leading expert lecturing on cryogenics. He has taught the ASM course on cryogenic processing and he works closely with the Cryogenic Society of America.

Proven Results for Our Customers

The results of our cryogenic processes have been rigorously verified by researchers with the US Army, Illinois Institute of Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and NASA. Our clients and partners over the years have included:

  • NASA’s Space Shuttle Program

  • The US Postal Service

  • Air Liquide, A World Leader In Industrial Gasses

  • Several Winners Of Top-Tier Racing Series