Shipping Us Parts to Process

Some Tips on Sending Things to Us for Treatment


Turn Around Time
Cryogenically treating things takes time.  The process itself can take four days.  Our usual turn around time is about a week, (That means we can usually ship a part a week after we get your package.) but that can stretch if you need a particular process that is not run that often.  If you are tight on time, call us.  We will do everything we can to help a customer get his parts done.  Sometimes we can rearrange our run schedule or we can direct you to send the parts to another plant.

Shipping Addresses
Our plants' addresses are listed on our Contact US Page.  Please do not address boxes to our Post Office Box.  They probably won't fit into the PO Box, and sending them to that address will only delay their delivery.  If you want to drop your items off, please make an arrangement with that particular plant.  Our machines are very reliable and automatic, so we do not over staff our plants, and sometimes it is more profitable to have our staff out selling or delivering to customers.

Its best to send new parts in the boxes they came in.  Remember, the manufacturer has taken some time to design the packaging so his parts reach you in good shape.  A lot of our customers just have the parts shipped to us from the place they buy them from.  This saves shipping costs and time.  Just do us a favor, have them include your name, address and phone number so we know where to send them when they are done.

If you can't use the original boxes, try to use sturdy boxes or containers and lots of padding. You would not believe how much a box can deteriorate in shipping.  One good tactic is to double box parts.  A box inside a box seems to work well to protect parts.  Make sure that the packages are securely taped.  (We have received empty boxes due to the box opening or even falling apart.)

Used Parts
Yes, we can process used parts.  The engine in Rick's 1926 Pierce-Arrow has been processed.  Be aware that used parts can have problems that cryogenic processing will not fix.  If you have any suspicion at all about the part have it magnafluxed to show possible cracks that may have formed in use.  Examine the  parts closely.  We'll contact you if we see anything amiss, but we assume that you have sent us usable parts and that you have looked them over.  If you want us to do a close examination, please arrange this with us, and there will be an extra charge.  It goes without saying that in order for you to examine your parts they will need to be clean.  We need them clean too.  They don't have to be surgically clean for us, but please realize that grease and oil can hide problems on your parts.  A light coating of oil or corrosion inhibitor is advisable.  Packages may travel through humid areas during shipping and any corrosion whatsoever is bad for engine parts. 

Please remember to have some documentation with your parts as to what you have sent us, who and where it is to be returned to, and a phone number where we can reach you if their are any questions.  If you are sending us parts from overseas please let us know the best way to send them back to get them through customs in your country and provide us with whatever documents that will be needed to make the customs process quick, inexpensive and easy.

It is also helpful if you send us tracking numbers.  That way we know something is coming from you and helps us to be on the lookout for your package.

We can handle payment several ways.  If you are a new customer, we will call you when we are about to ship your parts   We also take checks and money orders and Paypal.  We do have open accounts for commercial customers and customers that we know well.

Return Shipping
We usually ship parts back by the same or equivalent way that they came to us.  If you ship it in Next Day Air, you can expect to get it back the same, unless you arrange some other means with us.