Crogenically Treated Carbide
DCT can increase the life of carbide tools and allow them to work well on interrupted cuts.

Controlled Thermal Processing, we specialize in the deep cryogenic treatment of cutting tools, including many types of tungsten carbide cutters, end mills, drills, and other cutting tools. By improving the resiliency of the cobalt alloy binding that holds carbide-composite tools together, you’ll see a dramatic increase in tool-life and durability. Learn more about how our DCT treatments work for tungsten carbide. Deep cryogenic treatment has been found to increase the effectiveness of most coatings used on carbide tooling.

Treated carbide inserts last significantly longer.

A recent doctoral thesis indicates Deep Cryogenic Treatment significantly alters the microstructure of tungsten carbide, causing the beta-phase particles to increase in size and quantity, while the eta-phase and γ-phase show a corresponding decrease. We have also found that deep cryogenic processing of cutting tools increases their hardness by about 7%. Since keeping the carbide cool is important to maintaining the wear resistance created by the treatment, taking the proper precautions after treatment is essential.

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