Forming and Blanking Tools

Crogenically Treated Trim Dies, forming dies

Forming and blanking tools have shown to perform better and last longer when Cryogenically Treated.  They require less sharpening and polishing.  They maintain size and shape better.

Both coated and uncoated tools can be cryogenically treated.  DCT will enhance the adhesion of the coating.

Crogenically Treated roll form tooling

Deep Cryogenic Treatment of H11 Hot-working Tool Steel


Pavel Suchmann, Dagmar Jandova, Jana Niznanska1
Materials and technology
49 (2015) 1, 37–42


Unlike a conventional cold treatment, which is commonly used for the elimination of retained austenite, a deep cryogenic treatment (DCT) primarily improves the wear resistance of tools. This effect is supposed to result from the preferential precipitation of fine η-carbides, whose formation mechanism has been the subject of several recent investigations, performed mainly on high-speed steels. This article describes the influence of a DCT on the microstructure and properties of X37CrMoV5-1 (H11) hot-working tool steel.