Grinding Wheels

Crogenically Treated Grinding Wheels

We've found that cryogenic processing has a great effect on grinding wheels. Both plated super abrasive wheels and vitreous bonded wheels respond but to different degrees.

Plated super abrasive wheels can get about four times the life.  Tests at automotive plants show consistent results. Because the wheels stay sharper, there is a reduction in tensile residual stresses induced into the work piece, and the desired surface finish is easier to obtain.


Plated wheels are expensive, and cryogenic processing can make them much more cost effective.

We've also treated vitreous bonded wheels. Again, they stay sharper longer with less need for dressing. We believe that we are affecting the crystal structure in the grinding grain, which makes the grain stay sharper longer.

Cryogenic processing can really reduce production costs.




Here is some information on grinding and DCT


Effect of cryogenic treatment on the residual surface stress introduced by grinding

Junji Li, Xiaojun Han, Xuqiang Wang, Dongyang Li, Xianguo Yan
Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing
Vol. 9 (2015) No. 3



Using W6Mo5Cr4V2 HSS (High-speed steel) as a sample material, effects of cryogenic treatment on residual surface stress of ground W6Mo5Cr4V2 HSS specimens were investigated. The residual stress in the ground surface and its change caused by cryogenic treatment were analyzed using both X-ray diffraction technique and finite element method.