More Information on DCT

Deep Cryogenic Treatment = DCT = Cryogenic Treatment

Cryogenic Processing = Cryogenic Tempering


Cryogenic Society of America is a non-profit society for cryogenics, the art and science of extremely low temperatures, almost absolute zero.  This society covers all things regarding cryogenic temperatures including DCT.

CSA Database of Research Articles

This is a database of research and informational articles on DCT.  It is maintained by the Cryogenic Society of America.  The articles are peer reviewed.


ASM International is the preeminent association for engaging and connecting materials professionals and their organizations to the resources necessary to solve problems, improve outcomes, and advance society.

It is the world's largest and most established materials information society. ASM engages and connects you to a global network of peers and provides access to trusted materials information through reference content and data, education courses, international events, and research.

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Article that describes Deep Cryogenic Treatment in ASM Handbook 4A.  Click Here

Steel Metallurgy for the Non Metallurgist.
This book will tell the non-metallurgist a lot of what he needs to know if he is trying to understand how DCT works on steel.  It is available through ASM International.  Click Here

Here is an article about the use of DCT in the racing industry.  It was published in ASM's Heat Treating Progress magazine.  Click Here


Here is an article  that appeared in the journal COLD FACTS. It covers forms of insulation used for extreme cold, including vacuum insulation. COLD FACTS is the journal of the Cryogenic Society of America. This society covers all things cryogenic. The article is used with the kind permission of the Cryogenic Society of America. Click here

Article on Insulation from ASM’s Heat Treating Progress.


Key functional elements and insulation type determine operating efficiency and equipment life.

by Jeffrey Levine, Ph.D.

Applied Cryogenics Inc. Waltham, Massachusetts

As published in the January, 2002 issue of Heat Treating Progress    Click here