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The world of music greatly benefits from Deep Cryogenic Treatment.

Cryogenic treatment of musical instruments helps relieve residual stress and optimizes the crystalline structure of metals to create a richer sounding, more durable instrument. Discover why world-renowned ensembles like the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Pops routinely order cryogenic treatment of their musical instruments.

How it Works

While creating an instrument, all the soldering, heating, banging, and bending causes a lot of stress to the metal on a crystal structure level — creating disorder in a metal’s molecular structure. Often these atom shifts contribute to subpar instruments that don’t produce well rounded, resonant sounds. Cooling the metal through cryogenics relieves much of the stress it undergoes during creation.

In addition to relieving residual stress while creating an instrument, our cryogenic treatments can also refocus instruments that are well worn and aging. The cryogenic treatment of your musical instruments optimizes them for better sound and long lasting playing power.

Our treatments work on many different metal compositions including instruments made from brass, stainless steel, aluminum, or varying alloys of copper, silver, and zinc, and nylon strings.

Stringed instruments respond when the strings are treated.  Treated strings, whether metal or nylon, stay in tune longer and give a purer tone.  We have also worked with experts to treat wood that was subsequently used to produce guitars.  The tone of the wood had a distinct change.

Metal instruments also benefit greatly from Deep Cryogenic Treatment.  One professional musician found that he could get an extra octave from his French horn. 

Do Instrument Makers Know About DCT?

Yamaha does.  Read their take on the subject. 

Regardless of how precisely individual parts of a metal or brass woodwind instrument are manufactured, fitted and adjusted, a certain level of stress is always introduced as a byproduct of the intense heat and pressure required to shape and assemble each instrument. To optimize the playing experience and improve the sound, Yamaha now offers Cryogenic Resonance Restoration, a proprietary method of deep-freezing brass and metal woodwind instruments that reduces residual strain in the metal. To read more, Click Here to see Yamaha's take on the subject.

Powell Flute also does.

Powell Flutes are superior quality instruments.

At Controlled Thermal Processing, we hear success stories from the field every day. Here’s one satisfied customer that used our deep cryogenic treatment of musical instrument services to dramatically improve the sound quality of sterling silver flutes.  Cryogenic treatment is used by many top musicians. 

Read more about Powell Flutes use of Deep Cryogenic Treatment.