Resistance Welding Electrodes

Resistance welding electrodes are used by the thousands in the automobile and appliance industry.  Cryogenic processing has been shown to improve the life of these items considerably.  Don't just take our word for it.  Linde Gas Division of Linde AG states this in their paper entitled "Sub-zero Treatment of Steels Technology.  They state that they can make them last longer by a factor of two to nine times.  Linde is a huge supplier of industrial gasses.


Be aware, it may be necessary to change some welding parameters in order to take full advantage of the gains offered by processing these parts. 

Besides the electrode tips pictured here, we've also had excellent results with other forms of electrodes such as electrode wheels.

Crogenically Treated Resistance Welding Electrodes

Read an article that tells about use of DCT on electrodes.

Sub-zero Treatment of Steels


Linde Gas
Sub-zero Treatment of Steels


Sub-zero treatment of steels is a relatively new process that is gaining acceptance in the United States and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Research into the metallurgy of the process casts light upon the underlying mechanisms of the processes, the reasons why the process works well for only certain alloys, and explains the variation in previous research results.