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Crogenically Treated speaker cables, patch cords, and powercords
Crogenically Treated Fuses
Crogenically Treated Contact_Points

Cryogenic treatment has been shown to have a number of beneficial effects on various electrical devices including:

  • Extending the life of circuit boards in military applications
  • Reducing residual stress between the layers of thin film magnetic memory wafers
  • Decreasing hysteresis in transformers
  • Increasing contact life on relays, circuit breakers, and switches
  • Increasing the Schottky contact barrier height
  • Reducing device reverse leakage current

Cryogenic Treatment for Audio Cables, Electronics, & More

When dealing with electronics, audio equipment, and musical instruments, cryogenic processing has significant benefits. Treated materials show better conductivity and resonance. Because the cryogenic treatment of electronics, audio cables, and components affects the crystalline structure of the metal used to carry the electrical current, you get an experience optimized for better performance.  

We acknowledge that listening tests are tenuous.  But test after test with single blind A or B testing have proved people select the DCT \treated components consistently.  We know that DCT reduces the micro phonics in CD's and the vibrations in vacuum tubes that cause "wowing".  It treats the welds in vacuum tubes to prevent failures.

With the cryogenic treatment of audio cables and electronics, vacancies within the structure of their metallic components are decreased to lower the amount of artifacts in the electrical current, sometimes referred to as noise. Studies have shown that, by lowering the noise, a truer signal is received leading to better overall performance and durability.