Valve Springs

Valve spring.jpg

Racing valve springs are an important lesson in Deep Cryogenic Treatment.  Valve springs for high performance racing engines are expensive.  They can cost $400/set for a V8 engine with two valves per cylinder.  We have shown many racing teams six times life increase.

Major drag racing teams change the valve springs every run down the strip.  When using springs that have been cryogenically treated they have now run six times between spring changes.  They don't make a change like this lightly.  A broken valve spring can cause an engine to detonate like a bomb and endanger the driver's life.

Circle track racers also have seen a change.  We treated springs for a Roush development driver.  Roush Racing would send him engines 

to run.  He would strip out the valve springs and we would Deep Cryogenically Treat them.  He would run a series of races and send the engine back to Roush Racing  The first thing they would do is strip out the springs and measure the spring force.  Erik would get calls as to why he did not run the engine.  You see, the springs did not deteriorate in use, so they assumed the engines were not run.  


  • Less cost in buying springs for the season.

  • Less labor in changing springs.

  • More consistent performance because the springs did not change as much.

  • Fewer or no valve spring failures.